Responsive Design to know each other better. !

  • During the past year, Many people may have heard a bit Responsive Design and truly believed that and to hear more in 2014. This past certainly for many people may not know what is Responsive Design?. how is Responsive Design useful? may be read in this article.

  • การแสดงผลบนขนาดหน้าจอต่างๆ ด้วยเทคนิคการออกแบบที่เรียกว่า Responsive Design

    The display on the larger screens. The design technique called Responsive Design.

  • Previously developed sites to support Mobile is using the separate development. The development version for Desktop and Mobile versions of such methods. Do not apply to the present effectively. For that reason, Screen of Mobile Device currently has more variety there. Therefore, it must find new ways to use the development that is Responsive Design it !

  • responsive info1

    Responsive Design information from

  • ขนาดหน้าจอ สำหรับ Mobile Device และ Desktop ในปัจุบัน

    Screen size for Mobile Device and Desktop in present day

  • Responsive Design is a design concept called One Size Fit All the single design. But can be used withany size of screen. The website will be able to detect the size of the screen and resize and Layout to fit the size of the screen automatically. Through collaboration between techno and the following is the Web Layout Flexible Grid, pictures Flexible Image and CSS3 Media Query.

  • Some may ask that we now can see the website on mobile phones already. Without the need Responsive web design is complicated, which is correct. But for a site that is not designed in a Responsive time information will be used to Zoom view above. But without the ability to adjust the model to fit the size of the screen itself. Unlike sites that have been designed in a Responsive, which can be adjusted. The size of the image and Layout of the web to suit the size of the screen. Make it more convenient.

  • responsiveweb

    Website designed normal (left) with a website designed using techniques Responsive Design (right).

  • Web Site designed usual without using techniques Responsive time display on the Mobile Device to just shrink, so they can be displayed on the screen. I can not change the layout or Layout according to the screen size. While this site has been designed by using a Responsive Website Design Layout and size of the image can be adjusted to suit the size of the screen. Make applications easier and more convenient.


  • Web Site Design

    Can be done in various ways depending on the nature of expertise of the designer as well as the audience who want to offer. Structure of the site consists of four main ways, as follows.

    1. The structure of a web site in order (Sequential Structure).

    This structure is most commonly used because it's easy-to-manage data and popular data Provided with the same information that is often characterized as a sequence such as sorting alphabetically index encyclopedia or glossary. This structure For smaller sites. Content does not require a link (Link) to one page at the direction of the Earth (Navigation) within the Web will proceed in a straight line, with the forward - backward. As the main tool in the direction. The disadvantage of this system is structured. Users can specify their content, their lost time. To enter the content.

    stru web1

    2. Hierarchical structure of the site (Hierarchical Structure)

    Structure is the best way of organizing. The structure of the complex of the data. Divided by Into different sections And a description of each of the different levels in the same concept. Organizational chart It is easy to understand the structure of the content. Feature is a common starting point that is one point homepage (Homepage) and link to content in a sequence from top to bottom.

    stru web2

    3. Structure of the website grid (Grid Structure)

    The model is more sophisticated. Format ago Designed to increase the flexibility of the content of the user. By adding links The interplay between a section It is best to demonstrate the applicability of the content. Access to the User Content will not be linear. The user can change the direction of their own content, such as to study the history of Sukhothai and Ayutthaya period. Each session is divided into sub-rule is the same religion, culture and language while studying the historical information about. Rule in Ayutthaya Users may pursue a religious topic next time. Or go over to see the region in the period before the time to compare the data that occur each time.

    stru web3

    4. The cobweb site (Web Structure)

    The structure of this type are the most flexible of all the web pages can be linked to each other out. Create a form to enter the content free. Users can customize the content, manually. Content links to each page based on the text associated with the concept (Concept) as of each page in the form of hypertext or hypermedia. This structure is formed. No absolutely fixed structures (Unstructured) Additionally, the links are not limited to the content of the Web. I can relate to the content of the web environment.

    stru web4


  • Benefits of Website Designing Responsive

  • 1. The display is beautiful on a different screen size.

    2. Single design it is available with a variety of screen sizes

    3. Experience of work better more information easily without zoom.

    4. Save time and money over the two sites.

    5. Assist in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Currently, even the Google itself has to persuade those Web Master shall develop their website in Responsive is developed only a single site. But to use it on the screen size with which to Google premiere push yourself. Was enough to see the development of the site in the future. 're Going in any direction

    Responsive Design has been designed to help in the form of a fine display area. But also in the complete absence of the ability to solve the problems of Bandwidth example. Display Images Which the reduction / enlargement of the scale to be displayed properly on the screen size. But in fact, Continue to use the same image file to display on your Notebook / PC, which are generally large. Bandwidth requirements are high, making when displayed on a Mobile Device even adjust thumbnail look smaller. However, because the file size is still the same size. Rendering is slow Bandwidth unnecessary and a waste of standards in this section. Is under development Which is expected to be available in soon.

    During the wait for a new standard that will come out. Solving the problems of using techniques such Bandwidth switch image file to fit various makes Device Mobile Web development can be displayed quickly. The image displayed is small. Due to the size and weight which really makes Mobile Web service is different from Mobile Web more generally.

    All of the above Should be enough to understand the benefits and importance of design technique called Responsive Design reasonably well. The expansion increases the user's Mobile Device expected in 2014 is about to arrive. Responsive website to see more and more certain