IT Outsource



With expertise and experience in providing IT Outsourcing than 10 years of Triple Systems to provide IT Outsourcing Services to organizations both small and large today ready to provide services to organizations of all levels with a variety of services. reliable and manpower management solution. For all organizations With a team of engineers for IT Outsourcing Services, the form of services. You can choose the right format and manage expenses in this section is as follows.



Products and Services


Outsourcing Service 24X7

Service Engineer sites. Continuous time everyday.

Outsourcing Service 8X5

The service engineer job site during the opening hours of the client companies.

Outsourcing Interim/Tailored

The provision of services Can choose the time and duration of the performance of the customer.

Outsourcing Interim/Tailored

The IT Infrastructure Management System To fix the problem only by professionals and improve the quality of IT.



Benefits that customers will be
-The services of
experts and a team of professional consultants.
Cost of hiring IT staff.
Save time and to hire staff to resign.
The time to work on the business. No need to fix the IT staff.