Electronic Marketing (e-Marketing)

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Electronic market represents The marketing activities using electronic tools such as computers as a tool to carry out marketing activities for the target audience is a 2-way communication activities and the activities that marketers can connect with consumers around the world and throughout time.

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The effects of electronic commerce.

1. Marketing is a specific market (Niche Market) customers to the website is intended. To buy the products they want, such as those who want to buy shoes, it will come into view that sells shoes.

2. Such segmentation Behavioural (Behavioral Segmentation) grouping customers based on attention to the value of customer or product. One of these services And lifestyles of customers These factors are what determine the behavior of customers.

3. The market-to-face (Personalize Marketing / P - Marketing), customers can determine the form of the product. And services according to their needs, which may be different from the others.

4. Customers around the world Because the Internet is accessible to all locations worldwide. Make vast market

5. do business anytime Sellers can also read more about 365 days, 24 hours. The standard fixed. The feature that is comparable to traditional trades. If people want to relax, which will sell 24-hour sales require up to 2 -3 people.

6. Products and services is an important factor in purchasing decisions of consumers. Because consumers are known and the knowledge of the product (Product Knowledge) of data on a computer screen. He is guiding sales

7. Business online marketing mix. On the website, advertising, sales, payment, and other activities. The resulting trade Combinations on the site

8. The 2-way communication buyers and sellers to interact with each other instantly.

9. It operates with low cost. Because of the small number of personnel Marketing communication is quick and easy changes. If this is the traditional preparation of a catalog. Or production work will take longer. And high budget But in the electronics vendors can be done faster and cheaper. Furthermore, this is not necessarily a fixed price for the office workplace. The contact with customers on computer screens only.

10. Some of the items will be delivered to customers in a short period of time, such as music downloads. Or computer program

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Other tools In the market for electronic

1. World Wide Web (www) is to prepare the site for marketing purposes. To sell For Public Relations

2. E-mail (E-mail) or electronic mail, which is used as a tool to send information to the client. Or meet with individuals

3. Cooling mail lists (Mailing list) is a group of individuals who are interested in the same subject. The market is considered to be a very important tool. Because the target market Since each group consists of people who are interested in the same subject.

4. Web (Web board) is a forum for people to discuss your ideas. In marketing forums can be generated current. This will make people know or know of something we want to communicate, which is the medium (Medium) One type of promotion.