Open GL Solution


Open GL Solution Software version 2.8.23 available for free. Do not invest any device only access to the Internet, it can be used. You need to register by clicking on Register Online for free for the first transaction 10,000  entries (if there is code named users can click here to see the list of accounts).

Open GL Solution is an easy to use accounting software. Can be used to help and share. Without the complexity of the system itself, as well as other systems. The basis of the so-called Double Entry Ledger no journal. But it works, and help your own virtual accountant. This section is to be applied to each business. The system consists of subsystems and so much talent I simply run a simple hassle adoption can issue a quotation to invoicing or POS system is not easy to have a bar code, or do most modern off. quotations via mobile or tablet has the debtors, creditors and that the accountant will wow nice but everything is in your hands and you are the leader, and that you want to use the system or not. There are many times that big purchase, but only one part. This too, But at least you do not need to buy the license system. Because the system is no cost for this. Do not apply for the account to use, simple and free.

Login Open GL Solution Web-based or through a browser (IE, FireFox, etc.), the ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning system) running on the system performance, such as * NIX, Mac or Windows on almost any system. The operating system is to be used. Accounting data is stored in a database that is designed to host you. Services database, especially in the form of a SQL database server and can be displayed in a message or web browser that can display graphics as well.

The system was built for free and you are not restricted in its use. The system is written in Chapel House (perl) easily understood. And is linked to the car if you want to learn. But if anyone wants to take the time to write new applications more easily, but the system installation. And take the time to install than other systems.