What is e-Book

e-Book e-Book, short for Electronic Book means that the book created by a computer program. Is an electronic document It usually is a data file that can be read via the computer screen. In both offline and online features of electronic books can be linked to the various parts of the site in addition to the electronic book can insert images, audio, animations, quizzes, and to print out the document to the printer. Another important, electronic books can be updated at any time. These properties are not in common.

Advantages of the e-Book

1. When and where you can read all the time due to any and carry a lot.

2. Save the deforestation. Because do not have to cut wood to make paper.

3. Easily maintained, save space in the store andsave storage

4. Find words except that it is the image.

5. Use less space to store (cd 1 e-Book CD can store approximately 500 copies).

6. read in the dark or light.

7. Easy duplication

8. sold more cheaply than in book form.

9. Read an unlimited number of times.

10. Do not get comfortable Just click, you can choose to read the book in question immediately.

Disadvantages of the e-Book

1. requires energy to read all the time. Whether electric or battery.

2. healthy eyes From receiving light from electronic devices Knicks.

3. lack of feeling or experience, or a classic.

4. The problem is with the hardware or software, or replace the old one.

5. The file needs to be maintained as well. Not to waste or loss

6. Read potential eye hazard.

7. Easy to piracy

8. not suit certain format, such as maps, drawings, photographs, etc.

Benefit of e-Book

- For readers

 1. How easy to read. Search and book.

 2. Do not waste space to store books.

 3. Read books from anywhere with an Internet connection.

- For Libraries

1. Easy to Service Book.

2. Do not take place in a book store. And do not charge for it.

3. Reduce the work of repairing, storing and sorting books.

4. does it cost to hire staff to maintain and repair books.

5. Status of the book.

- For publishers and authors.

1. Simplify the process for the preparation of the book.

2. Reduce the cost and risk of the publisher.

3. To reduce the cost of distribution through other channels.

4. Add a channel of distribution of books.

5. Add a channel to promote directly to the reader.

Limitations of e-Book

There may be a problem with the Hardware or Software, or replace the old one. Therefore, programs and tools to another PC Hardware category. Or other portable electronic devices. The installation of the operating system or systems that use text-for example, Software Organizer Portable Pocket PC or PDA etc. to retrieve e-Book which will be on site to provide this service to readers. Download it using the internet for the most part. However, that is not hardware kind to read books electronically. Due to the limitation of certain types of file itself. Which requires solving problems with implementation. Software some help for Software that works with e-Book currently has two types of Software to read the e-Book and Software used to write data into the e-Book addition, users need to care for the file. good Not to waste or loss Always take into account that the reader may be dangerous to the eyes E-Book format does not suit some, such as maps, drawings, photographs, etc

The role of e-Book

e-Book is a collection of information from the media. Present, the technology in electronic book format. Can display images, text, sounds, colors and images. Allow consumers to be entertained to learn more. It is also portable to read anywhere. Without regard to light more or less often because the device e-Book lighting Backlight own e-Book also makes it easier to read and understand the book. It can also store up too