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Web hosting condition

Internet is media distributed worldwide, so for a regulation of the service. Triplesystems.com are restrictions on the use of the service. "Users" to comply with the conditions, rules and regulations set up to determine if the requirements are strict. "Users" violate or attempt to violate the terms of any of these terms. "Triplesystems.com" to inform and warn them to the email address of "users" are registered if "user" also has tried not to follow. This requirement again "triplesystems.com" will terminate the service immediately without any condition.

In the service "Users" must not act in a way that would cause damage to others whether intentional or not or any act which is an offense in the Criminal Law, Civil Law, Intellectual Property Law, as well as legal regulations or conditions. The government or state-related services.

Do not get the secret of the government or in any way illegal or perform any that may pose a threat to society. Security or contrary to public order and public morality or a document which the government interpreted as threatening. Or pornographic, including piracy in the works.

"Users" are not used in any way violate the privacy of others, ie; not private messages among others. Whether the message is the security of protected data file or not to disclose and / or publish messages sent by others without permission from the author. Ads do not send e-mail to others without the user in real business (SPAM MAIL) do not use language that is disrespectful. Do not write messages to others or if there is any dispute regarding misconduct as mentioned above. This can be proven that the acts of any personnel of "user" and "consumer" will be recognized as a responsibility. "Users" solely.

Do not "users" search text and / or attack other computers on the network "triplesystems.com" and. Other networks Both at home and abroad that do not allow outsiders to use. Versa "user" password is required to maintain their own as well. Authentication and protection do not allow any third party intrusion into the network of "triplesystems.com" has already passed the account of "service users", whether by way of any kind.

"Triplesystems.com" not response for the damage in any way. The cause from events beyond out of "Triplesystems.com" control such as a defective circuit, defective magnetic disk, the delay of the data file or mail does not reach its destination. In case of wrong place or an error in the data / or damages resulting from infringement by any other user. In the event of damage beyond the out of control happen "triplesystems.com" to copy the latest information from the backup system then will let "users" know by e-mail of "users".

"Users" are allowed only within the organization, including the subsidiary company of "users" who use only the "user" rights transfer service or the right to use the services resold by any means and / or allow a third party or other entity using the service or join the service act for charity or remuneration or not.

"Users" do not enter and / or applications that make use of system resources dropping dramatically including traffic more than necessary if "triplesystems.com" detected an informer or a "triplesystems.com" reserves the right to stop providing the service. "Users" temporarily until the investigation is completed, if the audit found. "Users" such actions actually. "Triplesystems.com" will be announced and email alerts to email "service user" if you have already registered. "User" is an attempt to not comply with this "triplesystems.com" will terminate the service immediately without any condition.

"triplesystems.com" reserves the right to cancel the service immediately without refund of any kind if there is any act of "service users" occurred after the notification, the final declaration and / or e-mail "service users" registered by. "users" are entitled to. Filed an objection The notification within 7 days of notification and / or sent via email.