The website (English: Website, Web site or Site) refers to web pages. Which are linked together via hyperlinks are prepared to offer information via computer. It is stored in World Wide Web Homepage stored name is called home sites are generally available to users for free. But in the meantime, some sites require a membership and service fees. In order to see Once there, Including technical specifications, Information exchange Or the various media The site offers a wide range of To create a personal website Until a website for your business or organization. Browse the site by browsing through popular software in appearance. Web browser

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See how to make a website which is why I love you for the website.


The Website

- Internet (Internet) is a communication system that has gained popularity around the world. And increasing popularity rapidly, companies, organizations and businesses. Both small and large, both public and private, are required to have their own website. A ride on the Internet is inevitable. Means a readiness to accept new technologies. Used in business operations In order to achieve the success in the world of the Internet.

- Many people are skeptical little people like this anyway. Today we are going to answer questions, listen to me. As the Internet To play a role in communication. And has been gaining popularity rapidly. The agencies, both public and private companies, whether large or small, many businesses would like to have a website of their own. To open the new technology used in the implementation of business and made known to increase.

- Why do Because more than half of the users use the Internet to find information. Instead of seeking information from radio, TV, newspaper, magazine or book a job. Because the Internet is the closest thing to me most in this era. Internet access to programs and services, including the Mobile Tablet Device them or providers, Internet ADSL, which is the minimum speed up to 10 Mbps, the search of the majority is in the Internet. There are various websites which will provide plenty of information. Can quickly search Make the site more business roles. That our business has a website. We would like to promote or advertise our knowledge about our business. To make contact with us. This will help create business value as well.

Business should have a website

Whether it's a hotel, spa, clinic, doctor I Get Shop air restaurant / restaurant / Fishing installer canvas / wrought iron hardware store. School / Tutor salon printing printing business. Shop Tires Accounting / Legal blinds Lathe Guest etc .. all businesses are required to use the site to release because the cost is not high. But no less effective than other advertising media.

3 Things you must know facts

1. The population of Internet users has increased steadily in the near future, every family has a computer at home, as well as television and other appliances.

2. Internet users are likely to find the products and services they want. By searching through the Internet has increased a lot.

3. You have a very good knowledge of the Internet. But no time to prepare themselves. Because of these benefits, We see more and more sites. Almost all the circles It has been designed with quality and quality. If you already have a website or are taking advantage of the site to the business. Or your organization? And looking for designers And site preparation That can meet your needs more effectively.

7 of the types of Websites

1. Personal Website (Personal website) created to share your private information, such as education and interests.

2. The site for the trades (Promotional website) built for trade, advertising, sales promotion. Currently, this type of marketing is becoming very popular.

3. A website offering daily news (Current website) to create the type of news information.

4. Website promotion services as a medium of information (Share Information website) is intended for use in data exchange. By interested groups

5. The site of the advertisement or solicitation (Persuasive website) to persuade amenable to the creators intended.

6. Teaching Website (Instructional website) created for use in teaching courses.

7. sites restricted (Registrational website) is the preferred site for members only. To invite those who are interested with the product or service that is satisfied by some studies.

Benefits of the site, you know what ?

- Enhance the competitiveness of the business.

- The dissemination of information and services. To be more widely known

- Allows customers to access or users goal every 24 hours and worldwide.

- To sell on the Internet Make Money without a storefront or office.

- Can provide various services Of a business or organization online As a courtesy to customers

- To create a positive image and experience to companies and businesses.

- Reduce the cost of the advertising business.

- Increased sales to businesses. Increase advertising effectiveness

- Will serve as a consultant. Make recommendations About goods and services to customers 24 hours a day without having to wait for stores to open.

- Enhance the competitiveness of the business.

- Enhance good and stylish with other organizations.

- The latest news and information organization to be known more.

- Reduce the cost of advertising.

- Allows users to access 24 hours a day.

- Our business is to promote on the Internet. Users can make our business more easily. The Searchers engine.

- Our business with rapid access. Because the contact information of the businesses listed on the site. And the data is sent directly to the site administrator. Including the branding of the business website.

- Making the top sites on Google.co.th it allows our website to be known more as well.

- To Tell fast With easy access to the Internet. Being told it is easy as well. Because the current is easily shared on a Social Network Site, we can share our website to know more.

- Making a business website to extend the business easier, like connecting the customer. The cards, social trust that your business exists, capped it easily. The website can be done over plain data. The website can be made online. It can be managed in a company. Our website can connect with customers, for example.

Just 5 simple steps for a website.

1. First, you must take the required pre Domain Name (Domain Name is a name that refers to the home page or website or speaking, is home to a number on the Internet. That can not be duplicated, like www.yourname.com) procedures for registration are as follows.

• First, we need to check that the Domain Name is empty or not.

• Domain Name After that we want. It will fill in the registration form, pay the registration, renewal, transfer / move.

• After payment, send the transfer number. 02-214-6536-7 Call to confirm payment 02-2146536-7.

• When we receive confirmation of payment from you. We will proceed to register a domain on your behalf immediately. And will email Confirm your registration to The username & password (or edit the information for yourself later.)

2. Find the area (Hosting) website for booking procedure Hosting.

• Through the site, we would like to reserve Ho Usher Raymond. http://www.triplesystems.co.th

• Select the desired package. Fill in the form, then click ordering. The transfer fee

• When the transfer is complete, send proof of payment by phone. 02-214-6536-7 Call to confirm payment 02-2146536-7.

• When we receive confirmation of payment from you. We will take action on your behalf immediately. And will email confirmation Hosting Links to both username & password (or edit the information for yourself later.)

3. Create a website

4. Press website relief to be known. The cost-effectiveness The site is of no use whatsoever if they do not come up to visit. Public Relations website done by doing SEO, SEM, Affiliate Marketing, Banner Advertising, E-Auction, E-Mail Marketing (Newsletter), E-Market Place, Link Exchange, Newsgroup / Forum / Web board, Press Releases, Search Engine Marketing. , Web Directory, Marketing Word of mouth.

5. Update site up to date, it's easy to just have a website already.