e-Book e-Book, short for Electronic Book means that the book created by a computer program. Is an electronic document It usually is a data file that can be read via the computer screen. In both offline and online features of electronic books can be linked to the various parts of the site in addition to the electronic book can insert images, audio, animations, quizzes, and to print out the document to the printer. Another important, electronic books can be updated at any time. These properties are not in common. A sample of the E-book is here . http://www.triplesystems.co.th/ebookdemo/

A sample of the E-book is here. http://www.triplesystems.co.th/1EbookCustomer/PTTGroupRayong/Online/

Example : Convert Artwork file to E-Book

E-Book example orginal from word file format

E-Book example infographic

E-Book example with media - video and sound

E-Catalogue example

E-Book online

E-Book offline for Window

E-Book offline for Mac

E-Book E-PUB file format